Mission Clean & Lean is the unique mentored fitness and nutrition programme taking the world by storm. Our philosophy is clean eating, daily workouts and positivity to 
empower, invigorate and transform body and mind.


Monday 17th November: £55 

Our highly acclaimed plan with amazing results. Cleanse your system of toxins, kick start your metabolism to rapidly burn fat and shred inches whilst boosting your fitness.

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"It's remarkable how many people have noticed a difference but the best change is in myself. For the first time ever in my life I feel in control of what I eat and have a sensible healthy attitude to food."  Jennie Gadsby, UK 




Monday 3rd Nov: £56

Featured in Gurgle and commended by Channel 4 dietician Ursula Philpot: "A balanced highly nutritious programme for new mums looking to shape up."

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"This excellent plan has helped to bring back my confidence and totally re-educated me to a newfound lifestyle. It has changed my life and everyone wants to know my secret for looking and feeling great." Janice Brown, UK 



Monday 27th October: £35   

This energising clean eating plan combined with daily Pilates workouts is the perfect way to get back into a healthy routine. Make a permanent change for the better this Autumn. 

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"You can be a part of MC&L wherever you are in the world!  As it operates through a secret Facebook group, you can be on holiday, on a business trip or live abroad and you can still take part." Emma Herkes, Germany